About Us

Dear viewer, Dr.Health Guru’s revealed medicine forum ministries welcomes you.! We are a registered body of physicians presenting to the world the revealed spiritual science of bible based healing.

Our experts in mission at Dr.Health Guru’s revealed medicine forum ministries are;

Pastor Sadhan
A missionary, who hails from Kanyakumari district, zealous for Christ.
Fr.Prabhu Dhas
A catholic priest committed to Christ.
Dr.Leena Suresh, MBBS(Gold medalist).
Dr.Leena is an allopath.She has committed her life to serve Christ Jesus.
Dr.John, BDS
Dr.John is a dentist who has given his heart to Christ and is committed to evangelism.
Dr.Jennifer, BNYS
Dr.Jennifer is a very prayerful naturopath and is known for her expertise in natural therapies.
Dr.Amal, BAMS
Dr Amal is an ayurvedist. He is the youngest doctor in our mission.
Dr.Sunu V.S, DIM(Intg medicine), MSc(Psych), AAT(Ayurveda), Ph.D(revealed medicine).

Christ Jesus revealed Himself to Sunu in the year 1995. Later Sunu studied Christian spirituality, Integrated medicine, Psychology and Ayurveda for ten years. He is an expert in Revealed medicine.

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