Revealed Medicine

“Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? -1 Cor 3-16

Revealed medicine is a very special stream of medicine that deals with the wellness of human body- the temple of the Holy Spirit. Revealed medicine is highly bible oriented healing techniques for healing human body and soul. Christianity is a revelation. No one can know Christ unless Christ Himself reveals to a person. Christ reveals to any one who ‘risks’ to seek Him whole heartedly. Revealed medicine too is a revelation! A person who wishes to be treated under revealed medical stream has to first and foremost be willing to commit his/her life to God Almighty. This commitment should not be based on a feeling or emotion but based on faith. Bible study, personal prayers, group prayers, worships, loud scriptural confessions, fasting, silence, counseling, use of herbs and etc are part of this treatment. The Lord created medicines out of the earth, and the sensible will not despise them”-Sirach-38-4(The New Revise standard Version) Revealed medical stream treats the causes not the symptom of sicknesses. These treatments aims at guiding a person towards receiving and enjoying the abundant life Jesus already earned for every believer in Christ.

Different types of treatments are used for different ailments based on the spiritual , mental and physical conditions of patients. Some of the main treatment modes are:

Solitude mode
In this mode the patient is put under solitude and silence for fixed days as decided by the physician. The patient will be under the direct supervision of the physician(s) and spiritual guide. Prayers, guided meditations, special food , herbal decoctions, body massages and other relaxation therapies will be administered to the patient. The physician will decide the place of treatment.

Confession mode
This mode of treatment focuses on uprooting the negatives that are installed in the conscious and sub-conscious mind of patients. This is mainly for people plagued with negative emotions and negative imprints in life.

Group mode
Treatments and therapies are administered to a group of people who re already committed to Christ.

Distant mode
Here the patient has to visit the physician only once in six months however he/she should be in regular guidance of the physicans of Dr.Health Guru’s team.

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