Retreat - TAPAS

THE TAPAS DHGRMFM announces 7 day prayer-intense mind-body health programme.

FOR whom?: People in depression and anxiety. Christians interested in choosing right life partner, those at the verge of divorce, those battling sicknesses,etc.

VENUE:Wayanad hills,Kerala, India.

DATE: Every month 7 days.

CONTACT: healthrevealed123@gmail. Com

What can one expect in Tapas retreat?

The Tapas treatment retreat participants will be lead through(based on BIBLE SPIRITUALITY)..

Intense counseling sessions.

Exercises of tolerance.
Exercises of endurance.
Exercises of forgiveness.
Exercises of facing the unexpected.
Exercises of simple living.
Exercises on Agrae Kontrae.
Exercises of nature oriented life styles.
Therapies for complete mind-body detox.
Apart from the above said, massages, leaf therapies, meditation, silence, solitude and intense prayers in tongues,worship, outing/picnic etc are also part of therapy.
Expected results..
Increased immunity.
Peace of mind.
Increased efficiency to deal with life, work situations.
Restoration of health.

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